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We hope that below you may find some answers to your questions about our live streaming, filming, photography and events studios. If not, then please contact us to ask! We will be more than happy to help.

Question: Is lighting and equipment included in dry hire? 

Answer: The dry hire includes use of the studio and lighting as described on our bookings page. If you would like to book any additional equipment, our technical crew or props these can be provided at an additional fee and obviously we also offer full end-to-end solutions too – just ask us for details. 

Question: Do we need to bring our own equipment? 

Answer: Please check our booking page for full details of what’s included in your dry hire but yes, you’re welcome to bring your own equipment or speak to us about additional equipment hire charge. 

Question: Do you offer prop / furniture / set hire? 

Answer: Yes, we can offer this as an additional service, we have access to a large number of in-house props and can provide furniture for lounge and office sets from our on-site prop warehouse too.  Please ask us for all the details and additional charges. 

Question: Will we receive technical help on the day? 

Answer: If you are hiring the cove studio our Duty Manager will welcome you on arrival and will be on site throughout the day, should you have any queries.  If you require additional technical assistance then our experienced crew can be hired at an additional fee to support you. Please ask us for details. 

Question: Do you offer parking? 

Answer: The studios have limited parking on site. There is plenty of additional parking in the village and in the local hotel, just let us know and we can arrange this for you before your visit.

Question: We have never live streamed our event; do you help us through the process?

Answer: Yes, we most certainly do. Most of our clients have never live streamed events before. We guide you through the process every step of the way and can provide as much information and support as you require.

Question: What if we want to broadcast from another location?

Answer: This is no problem; our service is nationwide. We can bring our studio to you and set-up for your live broadcast at a location of your choice.

Question: Will I save money by live streaming events?

Answer: You certainly will! Live streaming your event is a lot less expensive than hiring a traditional venue with a production company, and then travelling your team to that venue. Virtual events are cost effective, timesaving and environmentally friendly.

Question:  Could we live broadcast to some whilst still staging a physical event?

Answer: Yes, This means that some delegates can still attend physically and many more can watch from home or business locations.

Question:  Can we broadcast whatever we like on platforms like Facebook and YouTube?

Answer: No. Facebook, YouTube and other free platforms have software that runs in the background that will block or instantly remove your broadcast if you play some published music and video. There is no way of us predicting this process but staying clear of anything published will mean you are safe.

Question:  Can we broadcast whatever we like on your platform?

Answer:  Yes, we can provide a platform with no restrictions that will generate a live video player that you can add to your website or a web link that you can share.

Question:  Can we use previously recorded content and slides?

Answer: Yes, this is no problem at all, we can work with any existing content that you share with us. We can also create brand new graphics, videos, and slides.

Question:  How do we fill out content between speakers or sessions?

Answer: There are a few options that have been successful in filling the gap. You could run promotional videos during that time or the latest social media posts connected to the event. We can also provide a presenter to interview attendees or speakers. This has been extremely well received by the virtual audience, as it provides them a whole new level of ‘behind the scenes’ content.

Question: Can we bring an outside speaker to the live stream?

Answer: Yes, from anywhere in the world! We are able to bring the speaker into the presentation via our vision mix software. They can even present their own slides using screen in screen software.

Question:  Can we have a private broadcast that only our audience can see?

Answer: Yes, most of our streamed events are private. We can deliver this on your own website or we can build a simple website just for your event with viewer sign up and login.

Question:  Can our virtual attendees ask questions live?

Answer: Yes, the virtual audience can ask a question via a dedicated feed. The questions can then be delivered to one of your team on site to moderate or read directly to the speaker. Otherwise we can preselect who is going to ask questions and link up with each person at their location via Skype or Zoom.

Question:  Are all the broadcasts also recorded?

Answer: We record your event in HD video which we will top and tail afterwards and then hand over to you. We can also produce an edited video or highlights video of your live stream.

Question:  Are the broadcasts viewable on a mobile device?

Answer: Yes. Virtual attendees can access the live stream on their mobile devices. In some cases, only the video will be delivered to the phone to maintain the quality of the experience for the user.

Question:  Is there a limit to the amount of people who can view the broadcast?

Answer: No, you can invite as many viewers as you wish.

Question: Are there toilets, make-up stations and dressing room facilities at the studios? 

Answer: Yes, we have on site toilets for both our studios. There are two professional make-up stations with lighting, private dressing area, hanging rail and those all-important plug sockets and USB ports as well as our green room too which can be hired if needed for wardrobe or for your models or guests to relax in between shoots/filming.  Please ask us for details when making your booking. 

Question: Can you arrange catering for filming and photo shoots? 

Answer: Yes, absolutely.  Please speak with our team in advance and this can be arranged for you.  We will need to have details of all dietary requirements and numbers prior to the day of your booking.

Question: Are there refreshments on site? 

Answer: We know the importance of a good cup of tea or coffee, especially a frothy coffee during a shoot that’s why you have access to your own kitchen fully stocked with tea, coffee, milk and those all-important yummy biscuits too! 

Question: Can you recommend photographers?

Answer: We have access to tried and tested photographers who we can recommend once we understand more about your requirements. 

Question: Are there any hotels close to the studios? 

Answer: Our studios are located next door to the Best Western Moore Place Hotel in Aspley Guise with easy access to alternative local hotels and restaurants close by too  Ask us for more details. 

Question: Is there access for cars to be photographed / films? 

Answer: Although we have wide access points to our studios, sorry they are not designed for vehicle access (yet!) 

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