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the best of both worlds at
the event loft

Our innovative event loft studio is the perfect place to stage virtual and hybrid events. Over the last 3 years, more events have needed to ‘go virtual’ and our team has built up extensive expertise and experience in this field to support our clients.

innovative studio

Using our in-studio equipment and live broadcast gallery, we help you deliver an end-to-end professional production for your success. We even have the space for a small audience to create the all-important live studio atmosphere! There is so much new technology emerging for live-streamed events, we keep up to date with all the latest trends so that we can share the best ideas with you. We offer a range of platforms and products to create virtual events where your team can connect and share ideas. 

virtual conferences

Virtual conferences offer the opportunity to bring your team together in a rewarding and productive way wherever they are located. This is both cost-effective, time-saving and environmentally friendly too! These events can be incredibly engaging and motivational for your team, we can support the preparation of great content and key communications alongside fun breakout sessions, Q&A and keynote speakers. 

hybrid events 

Hybrid events create a balance between traditional events and entirely virtual events. Having a live audience in the loft studio makes the event immediately more engaging for everyone involved. Your speakers and hosts will receive the instant feedback and interaction only a live audience can provide, and your remote guests will also feel part of the wider event. 

Our purpose-built  studio has all the technology required and it is ready to go! HD broadcast quality cameras, a bespoke studio lighting rig, a team of video and camera technicians working alongside a producer all ensure that the optimum level of detail and design goes into your project.

virtual award shows 

The past few years have seen a huge shift in the way events are held and that includes award ceremonies. Whilst more and more events are returning to live in-person events, virtual award ceremonies are definitely here to stay with great reason: 

They are accessible to everyone, fully. Inclusive, environmentally friendly and cost-effective too plus there’s no need for the audience to dress up (unless they want to of course). Your guests take a front-row seat from wherever they are in the world with just a click of a button.

Our team will help with the planning and logistics to ensure that the stage Is set, the awards are ready and everyone feels involved in the occasion. We can even film the event for playback should anyone not be able to attend live! 


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