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capture your imagination at the
event loft

Our state-of-the-art green screen studio space offers a truly immersive way to capture original content and footage for your next event or campaign. Using the latest technology and special effects we can create something unique; our team of talented technicians will expertly film or photograph your content and produce the final collateral.

setting the scene

Our green screen studio is ready to shoot and has been built to a high specification with a curved infinity wall, bespoke studio lighting rig and HD broadcast quality equipment. Our team of video and camera technicians working alongside a floor manager will make sure that your session is managed professionally, and your project is delivered expertly.

capturing your content

Our green screen studio is a versatile space with easy access for photo shoots and filming segments. Large equipment items can easily be moved into the studio for photo sessions, our dedicated team are happy to help with all the logistics involved. We also have a large prop house on site that is full of additional equipment, staging and production solutions.

using chroma green

Chroma keying is the act of using a particular colour to extract a matte or mask. The chroma green colour is used to get the most out of digital sensors and compression as they are more sensitive to green. Thankfully green is a very uncommon clothing colour, this means we can use the technology freely to produce high quality green screen results.

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