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capture your content at the
event loft

Our loft studio and in-house equipment are available for short film production. Use our original space to record your next advertising campaign, talking heads for your conference, content for your website or training videos. Our team of talented technicians will expertly film your content and produce the final completed video.

setting the scene

Our studio is an incredibly versatile space, we will create the perfect stage for your filming project. We can use green screen technology to immerse your actors into any setting, we also offer TV studio-based designs or daytime sofa set-up. Alternatively, you could take the plunge and immerse your actors into a bespoke theme setting!

getting the message

Engaging video content is the best way to get your message and your brand successfully communicated to your team and your customers. The world of social media moves fast and your content with its key message will be our sole focus, using our experience to create a professional finished video that meets with your expectations.

lights, camera… action

Producing high quality video content requires a great studio location, our purpose-built space has all the technology set and ready to go. HD broadcast quality camera’s, a bespoke studio lighting rig and a team of video and camera technicians working alongside a producer will ensure that the optimum level of detail and design goes into your project.

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